Social Media Marketing Accelerator

$9,994.00 $1,980.00

  • How to build a Facebook page with 3000-4000 real, targeted followers for free (worth $1,000)
  • How to build a page of 13,000 followers using Facebook ads. 2 cents per page like. (Worth $2,000)
  • Branding secrets of JT Foxx (Worth $3,000)
  • How to write and publish your own book (Worth $2000)
  • How to build your own website for SGD$1.52 [e.g.] (Worth $2,500)
  • The 12 tips about marketing that took me 6 months to learn which are compressed into 2 hours for you. (Worth $1,200)
  • Hypnotic Copywriting secrets taught by JT Foxx (Worth $1,500)
  • How to spend $1 on ads and get $3 back. (Worth $2000)
  • How to be on the first page of Google to get Perpetual Free Traffic (Worth $2000)
  • How to build an automated email funnel (Worth $1000)
  • How to set 3-4 appointments every single day from prospecting on social media (Worth $2000) Perfect
    for network marketers, insurance agents, property agents, coaches and consultants!

TOTAL VALUE: $22,098

Your tuition: $165 X 12 months


Library of resources; Swipe Files (Examples of all the ads that other successful marketers have run), Case Studies, Ebooks, Videos, Audios (JT Foxx 360 Millionaire System, JT Foxx Marketing etc. (Worth $10,000)

Whatsapp Support for at least 6 months (Worth $10,000)

Access to Marketing Facebook Groups (Worth $5,000)

If you make a one time payment today, you get UNLIMITED refresher courses. 



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